About Me

I live and work in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in England. My work is of particular places, species of trees and some generic scenes of the country, be they London, Brighton or northern cities. I work mainly in watercolour and oils, the watercolours being quite large.My studio is at The Art House, Drury Lane, Wakefield, WF1 2TE. The studios are open bi-monthly on a Wednesday evening for the Art Walk. This is a free open evening for the public around Wakefield's art studios and galleries including the new Hepworth Gallery.
I have exhibited my work for quite some years now and some of my exhibitions are as follows...
  • Galleria - Bergamo, Northern Italy (where I lived for two years) - 1975
  • Battersea Town Hall - London - 1976
  • West Norwood Library - London - 1980
  • Turret Gallery - Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire - 1993
  • Arts Mill - Wakefield (joint exhibitions) - 2004, 2005, 2006
  • The Wall Gallery - Wakefield - 2008
  • Royal Watercolour Society - London - 2009 (two accepted and one highly commended)
  • Sunday Times Open Watercolour - London - 2010
  • Lyn Stainer Painter exhibition - London - 2010